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       Embroidered Originals
Embroidered Originals
Sue Rangeley

ISBN: 978-0-9555371-5-8

96 pages, 120 images
Size 290 x 230 mm

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Class         Sue R Int

Inspiring and lavishly illustrated, Embroidered Originals expresses a love for the language of embroidery while revealing the artistry of Sue Rangeley's stunning creations.

Sue takes the natural world for inspiration and each chapter begins with wonderful photographs. She then moves to the studio and we are treated to her delicious drawings as she coaxes the essence from her sources. The process continues through sampling into and descriptions of the fashion pieces and accessories that have emerged from the design and sampling stages. These are illustrated by large clear photos with details so you can see the stitches.

A comprehensive 'Studio Techniques' section highlights the rich diversity of the processes used by Sue. Over forty techniques are described in detail, offering a comprehensive practical guide for embroiderers and textile students.

A book for the coffee table and the workroom, Embroidered Originals will enchant and inspire, giving new directions for creative stitch.

Pages from the Frost section, right and below.
Sue pic
Sue pic

Pics above are from the Frost section

Sue pic

Pages from the Flora section

Sue pic
Sue pic