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       Long Diaries and Tall Tales

Long Diaries and Tall Tales
Maggie Grey

ISBN: 978-0-9574413-3-0

56 pages, 90 images
Size 260 x 210 mm

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In this book, Maggie is working on a theme of story-telling. Stories about travelling are constructed in the form of Long Diaries which incorporate photographs, memorabilia and small stitched pieces. Some of the stitching can relate to the places featured and some could be taken directly from the experiments box. Other work takes the form of illustrated stories and it is great fun to make up your own.

Some of the techniques are old favourites, others are new but they combine to produce colourful pieces that could record many of life's special moments: the trip of a lifetime, a special event, a family history or a tall tale from your imagination. Step-by-step techniques cover:
  • simple inkjet printing media
  • easy-peasy drawing ideas
  • Pebeo Prisme enamel effects
  • new ways with texture gels
  • plus many more
The diaries are also useful as design ideas for further work. The concept of selecting an area to expand into spin-off pieces is demonstrated in the book. Maggie says, 'This is a new way of working for me and I am enjoying it immensely. The story-telling aspect is exciting and I can feel a whole new body of work emerging'.

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