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       Cut, Shape, Stitch
Cut, Shape, Stitch
Maggie Grey, Samantha Packer & Paula Watkins

ISBN: 978-0-9574413-2-3

70 pages, 130 images
Size 260 x 210 mm

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In this book, Maggie Grey, Samantha Packer and Paula Watkins explore the world of shape-cutting. From simple punches and die cutters to the latest digital machines, they offer ideas and inspiration. Incorporating unusual materials and techniques, they produce a range of finished pieces ranging from tiny books to wearable art. All manner of materials from metal to silk paper produce eye-catching results. Then there is shrinky plastic, mixed media and so much more. The possibilities are endless. Share their excitement as they experiment with the concept of shape to produce amazing effects for textile and mixed media art. Having purchased the book, there are free online classes to take everything so much further.

For this concertina book, Paula allowed her hand-stitching to complement and enhance the shapes. The cut shapes offer a peep-hole through to other richly decorated pages.


Maggie shows how to get the best out of just one die. Here, the flowers and leaves that are shown in the detail below are certainly brightly coloured as the bonded silk used for the cut shapes was painted with silk paints. Contrasting with this, the mixed media techniques used for the three-panel hanging produce a completely different effect.


In this cape, Sam demonstrates the ways in which dies, stencils and cut shapes combine to produce a richly textured surface. The layered effect is handled more easily when shapes, in this case, feathers, are featured in the design. This effect was produced using the Brother Scan N Cut for the feathers. A die-cutting machine could alternatively be used for the same effect.


When we were preparing work for the book, we found that we were getting just as excited about the shapes that remained after cutting as we were about the cut shapes themselves. In fact, we wrote a whole section on this aspect and often found ourselves deliberately cutting for the negative. In this bag, Sam has used the shapes that appeared after cutting with a Flourish die. Placing this over a Markal (Shiva) enhanced fabric has resulted in this delightful bag.

Sam Bag

Paula's experiments in using the Sizzix die-cutter as a press resulted in some great collagraph prints (see below).

P Coll

We were so lucky to have the loan of a Brother Scan N Cut machine and we made full use of it. In fact, it inspired us to explore new themes which we document in the book. This sketchbook (below) shows one of the themes, a race of mythical warriors.
M Sketch