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       Approaches to Stitch: Six Artists
Approaches to Stitch: Six Artists
Edited by Maggie Grey

ISBN: 978-0-9574413-1-6

70 pages, 130 images
Size 260 x 210 mm

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This book looks at the work of six textile artists. Their work ranges from quilting, stitching, mixed media and journalling, and each is an expert in her own field. You can see examples of their work below although this is not necessarily the topic they will cover in the book. Each artist will talk about her work and then expand on this so that the reader will be able to try a technique (or two) for themselves which they can then adapt and develop as a base for their own experiments. I'm really excited about the people we've invited to join us and everyone at d4daisy books is confident that this will be one of our best books yet.

Maggie Grey, Editor

Ro Bruhn

If you are into Facebook or a follower of blogs, you will almost certainly have come across Ro and seen some of her wonderful journals. These colourful books have featured in magazines and they sell as soon as they appear in Ro's Etsy shop. I'm so pleased that she is writing for us.

Ro says, 'I'll be making a journal and will show some of the techniques I use in building up the layers. I use lots of hand and machine stitching with fabrics and paper. Found papers include tea bag packets and soap wrappers along with clothing labels and sections of discarded clothing. Disposable plastic plates that have been used as paint palettes, wooden coffee sticks that have been used as paint stirrers, paint sample swatches all become part of the layers'.

Ro Bruhn pic 1
Ro Bruhn pic 2

Elizabeth Brimelow

The inspiration for Elizabeth's work is landscape. She is fascinated by the traces that man has made on the land and much of her work focuses on these marks. Drawing is a personal response for Elizabeth and, for her, fascination lies in the transfer of information from drawing to stitched piece.

She says, 'I make and use sketchbooks. All my work begins with observational drawing. I aim to write about how these images find their way into my textile pieces'.

The pics shown are 'Round Meadow' (right), 'Low Meadow' (below left) and 'Gaudy Ground' (below right).

Elizabeth Brimelow pic 1
Elizabeth Brimelow pic 2

Elizabeth Brimelow pic 3

Ruth Lee

Ruth Lee was a lecturer at Cumbria Institute of the Arts before dramatically changing her lifestyle with a recent move to Portugal. Her work has featured in many exhibitions and she has written books on her innovative knitting techniques. For this book, she is showing us how she progresses an idea through all the stages of development including a technique for a finished piece.

Ruth says, 'My starting point is gloves and all things glove-related. I like the idea of transforming a practical piece of clothing into textile art. I hope to guide the reader along this journey of exploration and experimentation, giving them a structure for all their future projects in addition to showing how I achieve my final pieces'.

Ruth Lee pic 1
Ruth Lee pic 2

Siân Martin

Siân Martin is a well-known and greatly respected artist and tutor. You may have heard of her distance learning course 'Distant Stitch' where students study for their City and Guilds in Embroidery. Siân is a member of the Textile Study Group and of the 62 Group of Textile Artists. She frequently shows her work in exhibitions. We know that her section of the book will get everyone excited and enable them to produce a great piece of work. She has written for the internet magazine Workshop on the Web and her articles always bring favourable comments. Her blog is www.stitchloop.blogspot.com.

Siân says, 'My title will be 'Turning to the Bottle' or 'Get Wired Up' and will focus on the use of wire and stitch. The design source will be bottles because they form such great shapes. We will add character by wrapping, dipping, stitching and painting. The aim will be a free-standing textile still life!'

Siân Martin pic 1
Siân Martin pic 2

Siân Martin pic 3

Olga Norris

Olga Norris works mainly in two formats: framed pieces and quilt forms, often featuring figures. She has also been experimenting with three-dimensional work. A keen blogger, her comments on art in general and textiles in particular are always worth reading. You can read her writing about her thinking and making in her blog www.threadingthoughts.blogspot.com.

Olga says: 'For the past year or so I have been trying to extend the forms that my work takes - from the two main areas of quilts and smaller framed pieces, both developed and stitched in largely the same way. I do not want to abandon those forms, but rather add to them with additional pieces of work which embrace aspects of new materials, techniques, and dimensions'.

Olga Norris pic 1
Olga Norris pic 4

Beryl Taylor

Beryl Taylor used to live in Great Britain but emigrated to the USA a few years ago. Her mixed media work is much admired and her book 'Mixed Media Explorations', published in 2006, was a huge success.

Beryl says, 'I just love mixed media work. I think it is the excitement and anticipation of seeing the results of mixing one form of media with another in different ways.

I like to work with non-conventional materials such as throw-away face towels, 'Colour Run' sheets, etc. I also love to try unconventional approaches such as stitching on unusual materials such as modelling paste'.

Beryl Taylor pic 2
Beryl Taylor pic 1