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       Stitching Textured Surface
Stitching the Textured Surface
Lynda Monk & Carol McFee

ISBN: 978-0-9555371-4-1

80 pages, 100 images
Size 290 x 230 mm

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Mixed media is such a popular concept and these two authors are masters of their craft. Amazing surfaces are constructed with gesso and molding paste. However, what makes this book unique are the ideas and techniques for colouring and stitching these surfaces.

Lynda and Carol have produced new ideas for working in mixed media. Their surfaces are layered, often distressed, always intriguing and forming a complex textile which belies the simplicity of its construction. They also make full use of materials such as Lutradur and Tyvek with some new and exciting ideas.

Best of all, you don't need to be an artist as fantastic surfaces grow from stencils and stamps. Whether you are a paper-crafter, book-maker, textile artist or quilter, your work will never be the same.
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Lynda & Carol pic
Lynda & Carol pic
Lynda & Carol pic
Lynda & Carol pic