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       Exploring Creative Surfaces
Exploring Creative Surfaces
Lynda Monk

ISBN: 978-0-9574413-0-9

44 pages, 90 images
Size 260 x 210 mm

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In this book, Lynda Monk demonstrates some great ideas for truly creative surfaces that require the minimum of materials to achieve the maximum WOW factor.

These techniques include inventive textures with scrim, Tyvek and paint, surfaces suitable for three-dimensional work in which the main ingredient is tissue paper. Lynda's finished pieces will inspire you to follow her advice on paint techniques to produce a masterpiece.

The book also covers simple ways with screens and stencils which, combined with gesso and puff paint, produce unusual and beautiful effects. Taking this to the next level with the application of heat gives a textured surface ready to be enhanced by colour and stitch. This technique also produces delicious fragments, some of which you can see here.

Step-by-step photos and clear instructions ensure that the techniques are fully explained and understood.

Free online classes with this book.

There will be more of Lynda's popular online workshops beginning early in 2013 and, to enter them, you will need to have a copy of the book handy. Sounds like a lot of fun - and they're free once you've bought the book.

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