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       Beautiful Bonded Surfaces


Beautiful Bonded Surfaces
Lynda Monk

ISBN: 978-0-9574413-4-7

48 pages, 90 images
Size 260 x 210 mm

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Lynda Monk provides some wonderful and exciting ideas for using Tyvek (a readily-obtainable, coated paper or fabric) to create dramatic effects.

In Beautiful Bonded Surfaces:
  • You'll discover just how amazingly easy it is to create attractive surfaces with a simple technique which, once mastered, leads to endless exciting variations.

  • Lynda demonstrates the secrets of bonding and heating methods which range from trapping threads to applying Tyvek to bubblewrap and many other techniques.

  • The resulting materials can be cut without fraying which is especially good for die-cutting and for use with digital cutting machines.

  • You will find many brilliant ideas for developing the results, from bags and brooches to garments and containers.
As with many books from d4daisy there will be extra online classes with Lynda showing further exciting explorations to those who have purchased this book.
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