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       Embellish & Stitch
Embellish & Stitch
Valerie Campbell-Harding
& Maggie Grey

ISBN: 978-0-9555371-0-3

56 pages, 100 images
Size 290 x 233 mm

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The Embellisher machine has been used by felters for some time but it has recently exploded into the world of creative stitchers. Lots of wonderful work has been produced but there are very few books on the subject.

In response to this, Maggie and Val have written 'Embellish and Stitch', a 60-page softback book containing a wide variety of exciting techniques. You can see some of these by clicking the buttons on the left. The book not only covers the embellisher machine but has lots of ideas for using felting needles by hand. It is sumptuously illustrated with wonderful photographs by Michael Wicks.

Sadly, Val is no longer with us but we are sure that she would have been proud of 'Embellish and Stitch', this creative partnership's last book together.

The book coversMachine
  • the basics of using machine and hand techniques
  • applying fabrics and fibres
  • texturing and trapping
  • pattern making
  • the vital use of stitch
  • heat techniques
  • felting
  • couching
  • manipulating and weaving.
Exciting ideas are brought into play - using computer printouts and papers,
making wire grids, distressing and burning - it's all such fun.
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