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Online Classes for Dissolvable Delights

Maggie SSL Class 1

To access the classes, click on the above button.
Dissolvable Delights

Anyone who buys 'Dissolvable Delights' is welcome to join these free online classes. The site will be password restricted and passwords will change, so you'll need to have your copy of the book handy when you log in.

The idea is to take some of the techniques in the book to the next level - or beyond.

The first lesson is based on mixed media techniques with a particular look at rusting. A design-to-stitch lesson will also be released. You'll find details on the class blog www.d4daisychains.blogspot.co.uk, which I hope you will all join. Maggie will explain more on the blog, under the label 'Welcome'.
Maggie Lesson 1