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Online Classes for Mixed Media: New Studio Techniques

Maggie MM Class 1

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Mixed Media: New Studio Techniques

The free classes are available to anyone who buys 'Mixed Media: New Studio Techniques'. The site will be password restricted and passwords will change, so you'll need to have your copy of the book handy when you log in.

The idea is to take some of the techniques in the book to the next level - or beyond. Tuition will be through downloadable PDFs.

There will be three lesson, each uploaded on the last day of January, February and March 2011. You can work in your own time and don't need to finish one lesson before seeing the next one. The lessons will stay on the site for the foreseeable future.

The classes will contain the following lessons:

Lesson 1 This lesson expands the making of silk paper to include some exciting additions at the 'making' stage. Water-soluble paper and embossing powder are embedded to produce silk paper with that extra 'something'. It's great for making books or wall-hangings and the samples produced will form building blocks for the subsequent lessons.

Lesson 2 Continuing the silk paper theme, Isobel joins Maggie for some fun with all sorts of mixed media. We will also consider adding stitched slips and water-soluble film to make a more considered piece using the samples produced from the previous lesson.

Lesson 3 Everybody loved the pasta machine collagraphs so, in this lesson, Maggie will look at extended uses for this wonderful printing method. We will also explore other means of making collagraphs in order to produce a bigger print. The use of fabric will also be covered in this lesson.

The materials will be given with each lesson.

Mixed Media Lessons 1

Mixed Media Lessons 2