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Online Classes for Exploring Creative Surfaces

Lynda ECS Class 1

To access the classes, click on the above button.
Exploring Creative Surfaces

The free classes are available to anyone who buys 'Exploring Creative Surfaces'. The lessons are password protected and the passwords will change, so you'll need to have your copy of the book handy when you log in.

The classes make up a complete course with each one concentrating on a particular technique or techniques. Tuition is through downloadable PDFs with a Blog for participants to show their own work if they choose to do so.

There are three lessons, each uploaded at intervals during January and February 2013. You can work in your own time and don't need to finish one lesson before seeing the next one. The lessons will stay on the site for the foreseeable future.
The lessons cover the following topics:

Lesson 1 - Two-tone effects with foil
  • Enhancing with acrylic paint, Brusho etc.
  • Foils with Bondaweb (fusible webbing)
  • Zapping foiled surfaces
  • Sculpting
The Blog will contain projects for these techniques.

Lesson 2 - Fragments and overlays
  • Making a book cover using overlays of zapped fabric
  • Exploring the potential of fragments
  • Using gesso and molding paste with fragments

Lesson 3 - Scrunched Scrim

This lesson provides ideas using the techniques described in the book to construct panels and book covers.
Exploring Creative Surfaces
Exploring Creative Surfaces
Exploring Creative Surfaces